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Get your facts right

EUROPHILE Roy Cartwright’s opinion on the European Union referendum, Swindon Advertiser, April 12, is as one-sided as the shameful propaganda leaflet sent out by the Government.

He refers to the Remain campaign opinions of corporate business, which benefit from European Union protectionism, and scientists who have no expertise in economics.

He then refers to the man in the pub for gaining his information on the European Union Leave campaign.

Mr Cartwright’s upbringing was presumably different to my own. I was always taught the two subjects it is best not to discuss in pubs are religion and politics.

He refers to “very important people” who support the Remain campaign.

I remind him that a referendum is the purist form of democracy. Even the Prime Minister’s vote is of no more importance than a road sweeper or kitchen porter.

Each elector is entitled to their own opinion, each vote is equal and each vote counts.

There are many eminent and respected people who are campaigning for and supporting the Leave campaign.

If Mr Cartwright is interested in listening to a balanced argument I suggest he could listen to Patrick Minford CBE, the Professor of Applied Economics at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University.

Professor Minford can be seen on YouTube in a BBC Parliament recording from November 2015. This recording shows him providing information to MPs on a committee taking evidence for its inquiry on the cost and benefits of European Union membership for the UK’s role in the world.

I believe Mr Cartwright will find this recording far more informative and coherent than the information he gets from his contact in the pub.

I remain convinced leaving the European Union is the best option for the UK.


Wharf Road, Wroughton


Remain for the animals

OUR status as a nation of animal lovers has been a proud hallmark for centuries. As we approach the referendum, it’s worth considering the positive things we have achieved together in Europe.

It was the EU that first recognised animals as sentient beings: The EU Lisbon Treaty stipulates that full regard should be paid to animals’ welfare requirements.

Together with our EU neighbours, we have improved conditions for animals where national governments have failed to act, with these improvements often felt beyond European borders.

The EU brought in a blanket ban on cosmetic animal testing and the sale of animal-tested cosmetics; ended the use of great apes in research, improved welfare standards for farm animals, strengthened protections for rare and endangered species and cracked down on the illegal ivory trade.

EU bans on the import of cat and dog fur and the trade in seal products also ensure that our continent doesn’t contribute to these industries.

Green Party politicians and supporters, in the UK and in the EU, are passionate advocates for animal welfare.

We desperately need to keep working towards better standards. The dangers facing many animals, from the international trade in puppies to trophy hunting and wildlife crime, can only be tackled by working across borders.

Animals need the EU and are relying on a nation of animal lovers to vote Remain.




The leaflet has landed

THE Government leaflet has landed. The Government makes its position clear and attempts to explain why we should remain in the EU.

May I offer SA readers who have access to the internet the chance to review the pages of the website and to gain a balanced understanding of the issues facing us as a nation, from both sides of the fence.

I am sure both sides believe implicitly in their stance in the matter and would defend themselves against any allegation of propaganda, bluster or even downright deceit but do take the opportunity to make up your own minds in the light of the information available.


Lineacre Close

Grange Park, Swindon


Panama revelations

MANY times over the past five years both myself and my brother Martin have written to the SA vigorously attacking this Government and the previous coalition government in their wicked austerity policies after they said the country was broke.

Even some Labour politicians went along with the lies.

Myself and Martin wrote opposing this argument, adding that billions of pounds have over many years been siphoned into offshore banks/ tax havens.

Some people have contested our views, both in the SA and in private.

But this week the Panama Papers revelations have justified our views.

How sad to see the public have fallen for the lies of politicians and said there is no alternative to austerity. Maybe the Panama Papers have opened their eyes that there is?


Old Town, Swindon


You’re having a laugh

DESPITE news last week about patients having to wait weeks to see their GP, my old buddy, Talfryn Price, got to see his doctor the same day.

Talfryn told his doctor, going to work in the morning driving through the country lanes he would involuntarily break into song singing The Green Green Grass Of Home. Then when he saw a cat, it would be ‘What’s Up Pussycat?’

He said while dreaming it was Delilah, and his wife wasn’t amused.

“These are classic signs of Tom Jones Syndrome,” said the doctor.

“I’ve not heard of this, is it common?” said Talfryn.

The doc replied, “It’s not unusual.”

I thought you might like a laugh!


Rodbourne, Swindon


We can do it

ROY Cartwright presents an erudite and measured position with regard to Brexit (SA 12 April), albeit there is nothing new in so called ‘experts’ attempting to use their intellectual and academic superiority to advance an argument.

However, in order to assess the veracity of any claim one needs to consider not only the ‘cleverness’ of the people making the claim but also the motive behind their pronouncements.

It is also worth remembering that for every scientist, business leader and company making the claim that leaving the EU is the road to perdition there are an equal number making the case for leaving.

Mr Cartwright’s comment that 11 car companies have voiced worries reminds me when the UK was considering joining the Euro (something experts told us would lead to financial stability and perpetual economic growth).

Nissan warned they would withdraw from the UK if we didn’t embrace the single currency - we didn’t join and they didn’t leave.

The latest scaremonger acting on behalf of the Remain group is David Milliband, who suggests the UK “will give up much political power” if we vote leave on June 23.

Of course Mr Milliband is talking nonsense, as his whole statement is based on the premise that the UK has political power in the corridors of the EU and we know that is not the case.

In a fresh bout of revelations we are reminded that the meagre deal made by Mr Cameron with the EU and heralded as ‘substantial’ is not even legally enforceable and is more likely to be rejected by the EU Parliament.

Mr Cameron promised to negotiate ‘hard for the UK’ and he vowed to negotiate for a ‘substantially reformed EU’ it was based on these assurances that he said he would campaign for the UK to remain in the EU.

Now he claims he can think of no reason why he would recommend a leave vote - how typical of him to vacillate between two views and manage to find a third way.

I think we have heard enough from Mr Cameron to be persuaded he has the capacity to say a lot and yet say nothing.

As for a plan B - the Government has acknowledged they don’t have a plan B. All their propaganda is based on a fear of the unknown. I prefer the words of Roosevelt who said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

We are a great nation well capable of steering an economic and social path outside the constraining bounds of the EU.


Caraway Drive, Swindon


Let them stew

I HAVE received the Government’s pamphlet on the EU referendum.

Silly me, I thought it was supposed to be impartial.

It says that it represents the reasons why the Government believes we should remain in the EU.

Clearly this is stretching the truth a little too far.

We are all aware that many members of the Government would prefer to leave the EU.

We all know that David Cameron went off into Europe to try and get us a better deal. And although he tried hard he didn’t get a good deal.

He should have been much more robust in his demands with the thought uppermost that unless we got a good deal we would leave the EU.

But he did try. Perhaps his Eton manners were too polite for our European friends to understand him.

Whatever. Now is not the time for turning, as Maggie would have said.

He should have come back and told us straight,

They haven’t given us a half of what we asked for.

So my recommendation to the country is to vote to leave the EU and let them stew in their own juice.

Unequivocal and mean every word of it.

Instead, we are supposed to believe that they, the European leaders, will keep their word on what they have promised.

David Cameron is a nice guy and I like him but oh dear he is somewhat gullible if he truly believes they will honour what they have promised.

It will be wiped out in a very brief moment when we try to enforce these changes.

Furthermore we really must ask ourselves in all honesty, do we really want to be governed by Brussels?

Exactly what have the Belgians ever done for us? Or the rest of the motley crowd that is trying to create a Super Nation State?

Don’t forget that Germany tried to do this twice in the last century!

Gaze on it and weep. They keep ranting on about how the EU has been the reason there has not been another war in Europe.

Rubbish, it’s NATO, the Americans and the British, that have kept the peace.

Do we really want to be a part of the EU that is bending over backwards to let Turkey in as a member state?

The country will be a launching site for getting terrorists into Europe.

Is this what we want for future generations, to be dominated by Also Rans? People who couldn’t make it in their own countries so they come over here and let our people keep them.

Sorry, it’s not for me, I shall vote no and I hope a lot of people follow me in this.


Blake Crescent



God save her

ELIZABETH! Elizabeth! Elizabeth Regina! Our love and congratulations to you on your 90th birthday.

As the matriarch of our treasured realm, with strength and inspiration, we salute you with our gratitude for your worthy dedication.

Through changing times of peace and war your resilience and sacrifice prevail.

You have embraced global matters of state with diplomacy and equal rights for all.

As this century unfurls our standards will be honoured: To our God, our Queen and country as life on earth goes forward.


Old Town