REGARDING the recent Speedway yes, greyhound no', greyhound racing is a traditional sport that has been going on for years; it has produced a lot of entertainment for everyone. I find it disgusting to believe that people would like it out of Swindon.

I am not arguing that there aren't trainers who do not treat the dogs correctly, but this isn't the case at Abbey Stadium. They treat all of their dogs with the highest respect and they work very hard with the Retired Greyhound Trust to rehome their greyhounds. They would never put down a healthy dog or kill a slow puppy - the trainers and the workers could never imagine harming a greyhound, never mind any other creature.

I have personally seen the conditions that they live in and they are well looked after. I also personally use the vet they use, and every trainer I have had the pleasure of knowing has a heart of gold.

I have given many retired greyhounds a good home and they make lovely pets. If anything, I believe they are the most laidback breed of dogs.

I would suggest any person could rehome one. It is an urban myth that they need a lot of energy - all they need is another loving owner. It would also be greatly appreciated if anyone reading this would look into rehoming one.

Not only this, if dog racing was taken out of Swindon there would be a lot of people who would lose their jobs, and a lot of homeless dogs.

I have taken part in fundraising evenings and there isn't people queuing up to help.

It is easy to judge greyhound racing but people need to know the difference between a professional track and trainers, to the few ones that aren't.

Abbey Stadium and their trainers should be praised for their high standards, and not criticised.