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Britain fuelled Nazism

JH OLIVER writes (Adver November 14) that I “seem to denounce all British history as a disgrace, not once praising our efforts to overcome enemy advance.”

And then he shares some thoughts on the Second World War. JH could equally excuse all the crimes of Stalin’s regime, including a Hitler/Stalin, pact by describing how Russia’s armies fought and beat the great bulk of Hitler’s.

JH misses the point when he refers to “all British history”. Unfortunately, the establishment’s purpose in its part of the remembrance industry is to sanitise exactly the parts of British history that JH now coyly hints he admits to being ashamed of. As I wrote before, almost all British military interventions were as an aggressor seeking control of the resources of, usually, less developed countries.

I already mentioned the Second World War and there is no doubt millions fought it knowing the consequences of a Fascist victory.

The problem for JH is that, wrapped in his national myth, he fails to see that the British establishment helped to fuel Nazism through the vicious Versailles settlement of the First World War, then helped to boost Fascism by both sacrificing democratic Spain to the Mussolini and Hitler-backed Franco coup and by making it clear they approved of its crushing of workers’ organisations.

The nationalist Daily Mail celebrated Fascism and Hitler and Lord Halifax referred to Hitler as a “Bulwark against bolshevism”.

PETER SMITH, Woodside Avenue, Swindon

EU will welcome us

Dr BRIAN Mathew is the conman, (last Saturday’s Adver). If the UK goes grovelling and begging the EU to allow us to stay in they will walk all over us.

The EU will welcome us back with open arms, we are the “cash cows” of Europe. Who wants the same terms as we have now? That was the whole point of Brexit. Surely this man has learned by now that the EU doesn’t negotiate?

We are still members of the EU, why are vegetables rotting in the fields? The way things stand the whole of Europe could migrate to the UK to work the fields. Even cheap labour rates here are a fortune in some countries.

Britain would be booming if it wasn’t for Mark Carney and his like. The bankers trashed the UK economy and the taxpayer was forced to bail them out. I would have left them rotting in a field.

The value of the pound has dropped because financiers are gambling with it.

The paragraph about re-joining after leaving is rubbish. Junker has already told us the direction the EU is going: All countries are to join the Euro; we are to hand control of our Armed Forces to Brussels; Schengen will apply to all EU countries; there will be no right to Veto. Then there are a million refugees to resettle.

But take no notice of Junker, he is just the EU president, Dr Brian will sort him out. Some hopes.

ALAN SPENCER, Crossways Avenue, Swindon

We won’t back museum

I READ Rod Hebden’s half page, Will You Back The bid?

My gut feeling, is that 80 per cent of the people of Swindon, or maybe more than 80 per cent, won’t.

Swindon, along with hundreds of villages, towns and cities across the country are balancing on a knife edge trying to stop themselves falling into bankruptcy.

We are faced with cut after cut from Swindon Borough Council but £5m has been earmarked for the museum project. Where is that coming from?

Is it in the form of a loan taking the next 30 years to pay off just the interest?

One comment you made Mr Hebden was: “We can unlock Swindon’s heritage taking it from the preserve of the few.” But it’s been like that for the past 100 years or so, nothing will change.

The prediction of between £4m and £5m going into the local economy it is just that, a prediction not fact.

Again, I am saying most of the people of Swindon are not against a new art gallery and museum but not at this present moment.

By all means have one when the town of Swindon can afford to build one build one but don’t do it on the never never, the interest alone is crippling, it’s not logical.

JOHN L CROOK, Haydon Wick, Swindon

Electric car’s delights

I SEE that James Dyson is in the process of developing an electric car. I can’t wait for it to become reality although it will be quite a while to reach fruition.

Think about a car that will vacuum up all of the rubbish on our streets and motorways as we drive along! That will be collected in the boot so that you can dispose of the rubbish at the tip later.

You will have a hand dryer on board as well (not to be used whilst driving!) Plus a supersonic hair dryer so that you can dry your hair on the move - it will be attached to the head restraint so it will be legal.

Also there will be a hand held vacuum cleaner attached to the rear seat so passengers can vacuum the area where their dirty shoes have been, before they leave the car.

Bring it on, I say.

CHRIS GLEED, Proud Close, Purton

We must help the young

PETER Smith (Nov 14) is very critical of UKIP economic policy.

The young generation are the flower of the nation. We should help them make a good start in life by getting decent homes and jobs for all. If you support Britain, then you should support the young generation.

The way to help young people is by promoting British manufacturing and exports. It is British industry that creates the wealth, not Government spending.

The economic crash of 2008 was because Labour over- invested in the public services and neglected manufacturing industry.

STEVE HALDEN, Beaufort Green, Swindon