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No deal is only answer

THESE negotiations between Britain and the EU Commission are notionally about making a post-Brexit trade deal.

However, the attitude of Mr Barnier and the Commission betrays their true self belief in their importance as an incipient country.

They are not negotiating a future trade deal with Britain at all. They are in fact fighting to preserve their self belief in their country of Europe.

If Britain opts for no deal and decides to rely on WTO regulations then Barnier and his compatriots fear the demise of the EU and they imagine it.

That is why they will not talk Turkey about trade with Britain until what they call the divorce settlement has been paid for the heretical leaving intention of Britain.

If this Government here in Britain is serious about honouring the result of the Brexit referendum then no deal is the only answer to give Mr Barnier and the rest of the EU Commission.

NOEL GARDNER, Carlisle Avenue, Swindon

Leaders deserve praise

MY SON was lucky enough to attend our local Beavers group attached to the Sea Scouts. He was encouraged and helped and made to feel part of a team.

They taught him how to kayak, took him camping, gave him rides in a speed boat, gave him archery lessons and so much more.

The amazing thing is the leaders and helpers are all volunteers, giving up their spare time all because they love the Scout movement. Such people deserve much more recognition and thanks.

My son will always have many happy memories of his activities and I will always be grateful to the Scouts.

People who give so much purely out of their love of Scouting are true heroes. Thank you.

ROGER LACK, North Swindon

Service is essential

HAVING read today about yet another incident to which the air ambulance attended I wonder how much longer we have got to wait until the Government does the right thing and brings this essential service into the Emergency Service fold instead of it having to rely on charitable donations, even if it means this has to be paid for by a bit more taxation.

GERRY TAYLOR, Newcastle Street, Swindon

Town history on show

SOME of your readers will be interested in the Trowbridge 1984 website, on which I have been posting photos of the town taken in 1984.

A new set of photos is posted each week, we are now up to week 47, and would welcome readers’ comments and corrections.

To see the site visit and subscribe to our newsletter.

The negatives are held at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre in Chippenham, from where copies are available.

MIKE LLOYD, Trowbridge