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We are addicted to war

JH OLIVER wrote that I “tried to impress him” in my response to his previous letter.

I can assure him I have no interest in what impresses him.

I have every respect for the deep sympathy people feel for those injured or killed in wars.

What I have no sympathy for is the conscious attempt by warmongers in power to exploit that sympathy to make it easier for them to waste lives in future wars.

So, I insist ordinary people need to look through the fog of lies we are fed about the causes of war.

The First World War was not fought for freedom and democracy. It was part of a scramble amongst the great powers for the world’s resources.

The millions who died were sacrificed in the interests of the rich as very many of the survivors realised by the end of that war.

Des Morgan repeats from his previous letter “patient years of “peace building” has not stopped civil war in Africa, conflict in the Middle east …”

Whose peace building efforts is he talking about? He again mentions the responsibility of “protagonists”. But the British state has long been a key protagonist both directly militarily and as a major supplier of weapons.

Des is right; He didn’t mention oil. That’s why I did. To describe British involvement as peace building is wildly inaccurate as Des, I think, partially acknowledges.

He argues, angrily, that I misrepresented him, but he then repeats “attempting to understand” will not achieve much in terms of peace.

My key point is understanding Britain’s rulers’ war addiction is a key step in achieving peace.

Finally JH Oliver: First his letter celebrates the notion of bullying everyone into being the same. Then he suggests that everyone who objects to being exactly the same should go to North Korea where they could be forced to be exactly the same.

I would have thought JH would be booking his own ticket.

PETER SMITH, Woodside Avenue, Swindon

US is the aggressor

Should any of us be surprised at the actions of North Korea in trying to match the West in trying to match other developed nations in wanting to develop its own nuclear deterrent after the Korean war of the 1950s? I for one think not.

After all, it was of course America that gave the planet the evil of nuclear weapons in the first instance, with the aiding and abetting from scientists in the UK, and then abhorrently decided that it would be a god idea to try them out on Japanese cities during the Second World War.

Therefore the reply to America’s Nikki Haley in stating that Trump has urged all nations to cut diplomatic and trade relations, and for China to cut off its supply of oil is nothing short of hypocritical to say the least.

Surely the world’s primary aggressive nation is reaping the benefits of the evil that it has perpetrated around the planet since the war?

It is without doubt that swathes of American citizens are sick to death of their country’s past history of aggression since the Second World War against a myriad of other countries, governments, and leaders.

And anyone with just an ounce of common sense will have come to realise by now that it is their militarist based economy that drives them endlessly to seek out, and perpetuate conflict primarily for financial gain.

Finally, North Korea has repeatedly said that it chooses to become a nuclear power for defensive reasons only and, considering previous American-led western aggression towards the country who can wonder at it as, until such weapons are consigned to the scrap heap of history primarily by the major countries that hold them, then it is surely not rocket science that other nations will seek to emulate and see it as being within their interests also, to join the club of perpetuators of the evil against mankind.

GA WOODWARD, Nelson Street, Swindon

Get tough on cruelty

REF Barrie Hudson’s piece on law and order Adver November 21. I fully agree with what he said about the lack of punishment for so many evil, sadistic people whether to humans or animals.

I understand that Michael Gove is meant to be giving judges and magistrates the power to give longer sentences, but will they?

I see Matthew Scully-Hicks has got 18 years for torturing and killing adopted daughter Elsie, he should never be released. The dog torturer has got a suspended sentence.

Shame on you magistrate. He said James Cooper had problems. Don’t a lot of people?

It would have made me feel better if he got two years or so.

It wasn’t long ago a lady tortured her pedigree dog. She pleaded mental health problems and as far as I know got no punishment.

We had staffies tortured, starved and dumped in bins. Cats and kittens also tortured, the list is endless.

I hope all these monsters get their comeuppance and magistrates start listening to public opinion on the lenient sentences they dish out.

MRS S GILES Bodiam Drive, Toothill, Swindon

Lucky for some

WHAT wonderful news about Megan and Harry’s engagement announcement. At least now, with a joint income, they will be able to put a deposit on a palace.

Ah well! Keep smiling all you conscientious, hard working, great young people who are struggling to find a deposit on a first home.

BABETTE HUNT, Hill View Road, Swindon

Praise for GWH

I WISH to write in praise of the GWH. In the last two weeks I have had my second replacement shoulder operation, the first one only in May.

The surgeons, Mr Woods and Mr Tasker, were superb and after care was excellent. I cannot thank them enough.

JANET DOBSON, Castleview Road, Chiseldon