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A plea to all drivers

IS THERE any hope of resurrecting one of the basic skills of driving in this country? A seemingly dark art that eludes many drivers who hold a licence yet don’t seem to be able to manage this simple procedure.

I’m talking of course about indicating. A tiny flick of the finger in an upwards or downwards direction is all it takes to make these mysterious devices operate.

How much safer the roads would be if we all knew where everyone was going and have fair warning if they were suddenly going to change direction or swap lanes.

How many journeys would be smoother if everyone at a roundabout clearly showed if they were going to turn left or right or go straight on.

But no. At almost every single roundabout on almost every single journey you stop dead because you think a car is coming from the right and instead they turn left with no indicating.

That means my car and sometimes dozens of cars behind all have to put their brakes on, stopping the flow of traffic.

Worse still are those that look as though they’re going to go straight on as they approach a roundabout from the opposite direction so you start pulling out.

Then they decide they’re going to turn right towards you without indicating and suddenly they’re either beeping at you or barely missing the front of your car.

This must happen billions of times a year on our roads yet could be simply avoided.

Is it time to re-introduce Government Information Campaigns like we had back in the ‘70s so the ‘hard of thinking’ on our roads are educated?

They worked for me, I still don’t go off with strangers thanks to Charlie the cat and haven’t locked myself in an abandoned fridge for years.

Everyone - please use your indicators!

ROGER LACK, North Swindon

Meghan won’t struggle

WITH all the ‘excitement’ about the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan, I see that, and I quote, ‘Meghan will have to undergo the same immigration procedure as everyone else’.

I doubt if she will. I know people who have suffered the inadequacies and inefficiency of our ‘Immigration Service’, so much so, that it has put the person who has requested to become a resident in this country, in jeopardy by way of becoming an ‘Overstayer’.

This has been due to the inefficiency of the Immigration Service to respond within an important time scale.

They have also made the website almost impossible to work with and people are struggling to obtain the correct advice from certain agencies in this country.

This in itself has added to the inefficiency of the Immigration Service in allowing people a certain lawful passage into this country.

It also comes at an enormous cost to the applicant, who has to pay extortionate sums of money to enable this joke of an Immigration Service to run with staff who do not have a clue about business acumen and professionalism.

Will Meghan suffer these inadequacies? Not on your life your majesty.

Come to the UK without any papers, payment or passport and, ‘Welcome to the UK... now, this is how and where you can obtain benefits without working.’

Who’s kidding who?

CHRIS GLEED, Proud Close, Purton

Carney is to blame

Noel Gardner (Dec 6) was right to query what Mark Carney meant by a disorderly Brexit.

Mr Carney made it very clear through past comments that he supported the Remain side in the referendum.

The only thing that would really satisfy him would be cancelling Brexit altogether and staying in the EU.

Not only did he show clear bias in the referendum he has also failed badly in his job as Governor of the Bank of the England.

He made a big mistake when he reduced interest rates and created the current house price bubble.

The only disorderly thing at the moment is what he has done to the housing market and the people that suffer most from high house prices and rents are the young generation.

STEVE HALDEN, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Do the decent thing

Well done to the Children In Need appeal in raising over £50m.

I wonder how much the phone companies and the Chancellor, with his VAT cut, have made from the text donations and whether they will do the decent thing and donate these proceeds to this worthy cause.

GERRY TAYLOR, Newcastle Street, Swindon

Help to boost appeal

THERE are some brilliant bright lights displays giving everyone the around Swindon a brighter future.

As these people have done the hard work, if they could put collecting boxes outside their homes for visitors to donate the GWH appeal will reach the £2m by Christmas.

The best in Haydon Wick are in Tweed Close and Bayleaf Avenue, which are both worth £1 each.


Shopping complaint

I WENT to Sainsbury’s Oxford Road branch to order my Christmas shopping. I only wanted one item but I was told could not buy it because I had not ordered £20 worth of food.

The manager told me the same. So, if you want to buy food from the Christmas range you must spend £20.

Head office said some stores will allow you to purchase less than £20 with a £20 deposit - but not the Oxford Road store.

I find this amazing as Morrisons, in Eldene, allow you to purchase what you like even if it’s less than £20.

MALCOLM LYONS, Welford Close, Stratton, Swindon