Stacey Wilson-Sly: “Not just those two buses.
“No10 service as well as others have been cancelled all well and good if you have Twitter, but not everyone does and when a bus that’s out of service doesn’t even stop to let you know the situation, you’re stuck at a bus stop for over an hour with no clue if and when the next one will turn up.”
Frances Johns: “About right.”
Stu Biz: “It isn’t just Swindon, it’s countrywide. Same with HGVs. People just don’t want to do the job anymore because the general public are vile.”
George Gwilliam: “It’s so sad. We go out everyday and pick these people up. 
“I always say 'hello, how are you?' and we just get abuse in return. Entitlement is not a good look.”
Luis Sheppard: “I’m glad I got out of the industry. 
“What you said is one of the biggest reasons I wanted out. 
“The usual self-entitled public don’t appreciate you in the slightest, and expect you to change everything when you have nothing. 
“Moan about being late when it’s not your fault. 
“Threatened and attacked for menial things. It’s a horrid industry.”
James McNish: “Living the dream.”
Tom Patrick Donovan: “Who feels like they’re winning?”
Janet Garlick: “Maybe the government could pay for HGV and bus drivers to train. The amount they waste elsewhere.”
Callum Anderson: “Swindon bus services are shocking and been going downhill for the last 15 years.”
Ana Silva: “So many people unemployed, yet no one wants to work.”
Kevin Young: “Yet the Thamesdown number 1 runs every 73 seconds.”
Alan Field: “Brexit.”
Adam Poole: “Yet another fantastic Brexit win. EU immigrants weren’t stealing jobs after all.
“Brexit has caused a huge shortage of labour in this country. Turns out they weren’t stealing jobs after all but doing jobs that nobody else was doing.
“Strange how leavers always deny responsibility for problems caused by Brexit even when its blindingly obvious what the cause is.”
Luke Musto: “I’m not going to get into the economics here as Covid has played a merry dance on it. But there is record job availability in the UK and huge amounts of shops/workplaces that have closed down so gott to wonder where all the workers went.”
Steve Rouse: “Thing is, we’ve so many retired people, plus the young stay in education longer, without immigration we can’t run the country or pay the tax bill for pension, social care.”
Andy Hinder: “Nothing to do with the White Hart junction closure then?"