As Bonfire Night approaches, Sainsbury's has announced that it will not be selling fireworks this year.

The supermarket said this decision was based on a range of factors but that other Bonfire Night themed products like glow sticks will be available.

Meanwhile, Asda is continuing to sell fireworks but will also stock their shelves with a low noise version to help out pets.

We asked readers on social media what they thought about Sainsbury's decision to stop firework sales.

Here's what they told us:

Kerry-Ann Eagles said: "100% great news I hope they’re banned by all shops."

Daniel Ivanov said: "Without fireworks celebrating New Year will feel like just a normal Saturday night... I think ASDA have a better idea. They sell no sound fireworks that don't bother your pet."

Simon Arnold said: "100% great news I hope they’re banned by all shops."

Ulen Neale said: "I don't think the public should be allowed to buy fireworks from supermarkets.

"It makes far more sense to go to an organised display where you get far better fireworks for your money - and the money you give raises money for charity.

"There is no need for people to have back-garden displays of their own. There are so many reasons why only public displays should be allowed - so bravo Sainsbury's for leading the way; I hope other supermarkets follow suit."

Patrick Connolly said: "No, fireworks bring a lot of enjoyment to people from all cultures as they are used to celebrate lots of events like new year, birthdays, christenings, marriage etc, they are perfectly legal and should be readily available."

Jessica Fox said: "My dog thinks it's a banging idea."

Nige Felton said: "It might save a few kids faces and a few pet heart attacks."

Gemma Davies said: Hopefully others will follow their lead.

I love fireworks as much as the next person, but there are far too many nowadays.

It must be so hard for animals and animal owners when they are going off every night for about 3 weeks, not to mention the environmental impact and all the idiots who created fire risks and put extra strain on our emergency services."

Darren Smith said: It just means the other stores will make more money on them. I used to deliver fireworks to Asdas and Aldis. The profit they make on them is about 90%."