I ENJOY complaining. Not in person to someone who could rectify the situation. I complain after the event.

Getting up in arms about something that doesn’t really affect me but I have decided it annoys me is my hobby.

I was excited to hear that the Highway Code was changing.

It’s so nice to complain about something that doesn’t involve Boris Johnson having a party.

These days I crop up on the newspaper review show Headliners on the new channel GB News, which means people presume I have turned right-wing overnight.

I wondered if this would bring out a Jeremy Clarkson style diatribe about the tyranny of the cyclist.

Sadly, I read the rules and I am sorry to say but they make sense.

You may have heard that cyclists are now told to ride in the middle of the road holding everyone up.

You might as well join Insulate Britain while you’re buying your Lycra cycling shorts; you’ll be causing more disruption.

Wouldn’t it be better if the cyclists were told to pull to the left, when is it safe to do so, so that the drivers could go past?

We all understand that cyclists will filter through queuing traffic but wouldn’t it be good if the Highway Code told those on the bikes to do so with caution and to remember that people in vehicles cannot see them?

The good news is that those points are now in the Highway Code.

Those points aren’t the ones the angry types want us to know about.

The basic change is the hierarchy of road users, which is now arranged so that the most at risk groups are higher up.

We pedestrians are at the apex. That surely means that cyclists will now have to stop at red lights of a walker could be crossing.

Then we have cyclists and horse riders followed by motorcyclists and then cars. I think cars should be split even further. The 4x4 Chelsea tractors can do more damage than a little 1-litre Aygo so I think the latter should have right of way.

Below cars we have vans. Imagine living in a world where vans drivers have to be considerate to those in cars.

I know that undertaking, cutting up and sitting in the outside lane when there’s no one else on the road have always been against the rules but it’s nice that the van drivers have another reminder of this.

I think I’m OK with the new rules or possibly part of me likes taking a contrarian point of view.

Oh no, maybe I have caught the Clarkson gene after all.