MY friend and I travelled to Swindon to see Bill Bryson at the Steam Museum following the postponement of his visit to the Wyvern Theatre.

On that occasion I wrote to commend the Wyvern staff for such a well organised event and their wonderful hospitality. It was with sadness I learnt of their current difficulties last month, but since my visit to the Wyvern Theatre last weekend I feel less surprised at this eventuality.

Upon our arrival at the Wyvern my friend and I were met by the hideous montage of frightfully coloured banners splashed across the face of the building. One might have thought the venue to be a circus such was the cheap appearance of these adornments.

With so many colours it is impossible for the eyes to take them in, although our sight was drawn to a display promoting the reputably troubled comedy festival, but for all the wrong reasons.

I noted that aside from the most popular acts the names of the performers are written so small they can barely be seen at a distance, which is surely the point of a prominent display. I also felt the image to be poorly chosen, as comedy is not the first thought at the sight of two such selectively attired men. It would seem overly obvious that a picture of a headline performer would better draw attention and communicate the comedy connotation.

While these simple thoughts seem overlooked, they create a disparagingly and confusing image which will not help this much loved theatre restore its fortunes. Where has the organisation gone?

(Mrs) GERALDINE WILMTHORPE First Street Culham Nr Abingdon