WE all would like to know the motives of Swindon Gateway Partnership as they have submitted new plans to build houses near Coate very similar to those that they already submitted. The only difference is that they plan to build houses where the university was going and leaving a smaller area that will not be built on. These are worse than the original plans. It is certain that the two developers will not have the money to build these houses, nor will they have the funds to purchase the land, most of which is owned by two families. Persimmon Homes are not planning to build any more houses and their shares are long term low. Redrow Homes now expects 20 per cent fewer by the end of June and pre-sold homes have dropped by 9.5 per cent. Could it be that these plans are to use this area as a land bank after permission has been given and to build when the recession is over? This could take at least three years or even longer.

There are other factors here as this is both an ancient land rich in archaeology as well as farm land. Climate change is causing both drought and flooding that is destroying crops, so there is a danger that there could be a world food shortage. Therefore farm land must be protected.

Coate Country Park is the most popular site in Swindon as it is a rural park on the edge of an urban area. Many people who do not live in Swindon also visit this site so it is the best tourist attraction in Swindon.

The protests about these dangerous plans are growing and now over 35,000 people have signed a petition saying no to any development.

CPRE (Council for the Protection of Rural England) have many organisations working with them to object to any building on green field sites. The National Farmers' Union is part of this team and will object to any building on farm land.

Therefore it is clear that Swindon Borough Council must reject these plans as nothing is likely to happen for a long period. The people in Swindon do not want any more of their boring houses that are the same all over the United Kingdom. Any limited development here should be rural housing with thatched roofs that would look like the houses at Hodson. If this was called Jefferies Land this would put Swindon on the cultural map and would also enhance local tourism.

BRIAN BURROWS Fairlawn Swindon