IT pleases me to see that people are reading my column and seem to be discussing the issues I cover through the Swindon Advertiser's letters page.

In response to Des Morgan's comments regarding lowering the voting age to 16 and the link between politics and economics.

I think the point of the article has been overshadowed by the link I never actually meant to make.

The article is saying young people need to be taught about politics and by teaching young people at year 11 they are going straight from the classroom to the polling station.

The article was more about the structured citizenship campaign rather than the link between economics and politics.

As for me being in a little muddle - well, I write every week for the Swindon Advertiser and I meet hundreds of young people every week. Therefore, I know what young people are thinking. Part of my role as the member of youth parliament for Swindon is to consult the young people of my constituency and I do that. And I am a young person and have a pretty good picture of what young people want.

JOSH CHESTERMAN Member of Youth Parliament for Swindon