IN this festive season full of celebration, parties, laughter and merriment, Animal Aid is asking people to spare a thought for the millions of animals for whom Christmas is a time of fear, exploitation, suffering and death.

Each year millions of turkeys are slaughtered for Christmas dinner, along with ducks, chickens, pigs, cows and lambs. Prettily packaged cosmetics and toiletries can make lovely gifts, but were probably cruelly tested on animals. Puppies, kittens and hamsters are given away as presents, but later neglected or dumped by their new 'owners' when the novelty has worn off. Rabbits and foxes have their fur stripped from them to be turned into clothing and accessories. But there is another way!

Animal Aid has produced a wonderful guide to having a compassionate, cruelty-free Christmas. This colourful, informative booklet contains sections on food and drink, make-up, fashion, gifts and entertainment, showing just how easy it is for cooks, shoppers and revellers to take simple steps to avoid inflicting suffering on others this festive season. After all, it is the season of good will to all!

For a free copy of the Compassionate Christmas Guide contact Animal Aid on 01732 364546 or visit

ASHLEY OWEN Animal Aid Bradford Street Tonbridge Kent