LIZ Brackenbury’s article Dec 31 ‘Hunt down the real truth about issues’ raises interesting questions about our relationships with animals. There can be no doubt that the hunting of foxes is a cruel and thoroughly barbaric form of entertainment, and its ban was long overdue. However, we must ask ourselves why there is a form of apartheid when it comes to our feelings for animals in general.

Some we share our lives with, or quite rightly feel upset when we see blatant cruelty, but the sad irony is that we kill and consume nearly a billion land animals every year in the UK. In fact the average Brit eats around 11,047 in their lifetime. Slaughter is anything but humane, with many animals incorrectly stunned and facing the knife whilst conscious. If you eat meat, undoubtedly you will have eaten meat from a pig or a chicken that suffered in this way.

The anger over hunting is understandable, but I hope people will extend that compassion to all creatures. The best way to end the suffering of animals is to go veggie. Viva can offer help in doing just that.. Email or telephone 0117 944 1000 for our free info pack with recipes and advice.

JUSTIN KERSWELL Campaigns Manager Viva Wilder Street Bristol