THE Countryside Alliance has launched its Rural Manifesto, our campaigning focus up to the General Election. The Manifesto identifies five key areas and is urging supporters to sign up to its aims. As Britain’s best known and most effective rural campaigning group we are offering the next Government a blueprint for putting the countryside at the heart of its policy. The Manifesto promotes changes in five key areas that will make a real and lasting difference to the countryside: housing; education; farming; country pursuits and services.

Our countryside is a national treasure admired around the world but it is also a home and workplace for millions of us. Yet those who live and work there can be forgiven for feeling at times that it does not receive the political support it deserves.

Divisive politics, media misrepresentation and a lack of understanding can create a gap between rural and urban areas. Yet there should be no conflict over ‘town or country’. The challenge is doing the best for both town and country.

Our aims are deliberately realistic and achievable. In these challenging times a vital, working and thriving countryside for the benefit of the whole nation is more necessary than ever. You can find out more about the Manifesto and sign up to our aims at


Chairman - Countryside Alliance

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