Ashley Owen states that eating meat causes cancer, obesity and other diseases. I wonder what Ashley's response is to the distinct lack of these diseases amongst Inuit, Siberians and Sami? The NHS website has this to say on this issue:

"The findings come from the pooled results of two large studies, which looked at cancer rates and dietary habits in 61,566 people.

Participants provided information on their diet at the start of the study and researchers followed them for up to 26 years to look at their development of cancer. Of 20 cancers examined, the risk of stomach, bladder and blood cancers was reduced in vegetarians, while eating fish but no meat decreased the risk of ovarian cancer. However, the incidence of these four cancers across the whole sample was low (particularly for stomach and bladder cancer), which decreases the reliability of the risk figure calculated and the clinical relevance for the general public. The study has some other limitations, which mean its conclusion that "being a vegetarian decreases your risk of cancer" must be made with great caution if based solely on findings of this study."


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