I WOULD like to pass on my sincerest thanks to the people in the Belle Vue Road/Union Row area of Old Town, who helped my son last week after he was knocked down.

He was involved in a very nasty accident as he took an evening jog.

I am, of course, eternally grateful that all emergency services were called to the scene and able to assist him so professionally and promptly, and it is heartwarming to know that local people showed such care and concern for him when he so badly needed reassurance.

One particular lady, Debby Donkin, proved to be a real tower of strength as she fetched blankets and stayed with him until he was taken to hospital. Her concern was such that she visited him at the hospital the following day.

The fact that my son was not a local but comes from the Barnsley area of Yorkshire made it all the more important that someone showed compassion.

As a mother you always hope that if the situation arises and you are not present, someone will give your children the care they need . . . and thankfully she did.

(Mrs) J W Owen

Barnsley, South Yorkshire