WELL done Laurie Pycroft. At last someone has had the guts to stand up to these animal rights terrorists.

Unfortunately my weekend was pre-booked, otherwise I would have attended the rally in Oxford. I suspect that the stance of the Adver readers is weighted to one side for fear of recriminations by the extremists, and if more people knew the truth about many of the animal rights/welfare/protection groups they would understand the misinformation supplied to get money from good natured people, and the vote would swing the other way.

You quote open heart surgery but we are not told exactly why the first human patient died or when. Another fact' often used by these groups is penicillin. They state that just as many people died from penicillin as guinea pigs. What they don't say is that the scientific paper this comes from is rather old and that was in the days when penicillin was very impure. The people died from the impurities, not the penicillin.

For further information about Animal Rights groups I suggest people read the book Animal Scam by Kathleen Marquardt (ISBN: 0-89526-498-6).

A RACHNID Walcot, Swindon