In response to M Hooper (March 9) who cannot accept that animals have to be used in research.

You do have a choice, you could refuse a life-saving treatment developed using animals or prevent a loved one from benefiting.

It is no accident the majority who jump on this idealistic bandwagon are perfectly healthy. Laurie Pycroft deserves a round of applause for standing up to the threat of animal extremism and seeing through their emotional propaganda, especially at such a young age.

When my late fiancee was his age she was confined to a wheelchair by Friedreich's Ataxia. While nobody likes using animals, in the real world alleviating human suffering should be our priority.

It is time the rights of patients were put on the map. My mother was successfully treated for breast cancer and I would like to express my gratitude not just to the dedicated scientists but to the animals who saved her life.

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T Bromley Executive secretary Patients Choice