IN answer to Cathy Gibbs' letter (SA, March 8), how on earth can any human being in their right mind allow or sanction any form of research carried out on animals?

Legislation or not, would you, Mrs Gibbs, like to be subjected to some of the terrible things that some animals have to endure, just because they can't speak like we can? All animals are God's creatures and each and every one brings love, comfort, understanding and, for many people, a purpose to go on in life.

I have rescued many animals over a 30-year period. Every single one has been my friend, trusted me and loved me unconditionally, yet every one had been unwanted or ill-treated.

I believe lots of animals have reason and feelings but they can't speak to defend themselves.

Give me animals any time, as opposed to many human beings, and as for animal rights I, for one, hope they can be as extreme as they possibly can.

Mrs Gibbs, I'm glad I'm me, with a heart and passionate feelings towards all animals, and happy I'm not you.