I WRITE in response to a letter published on Thursday, March 16. The letter was from a Geraldine Walker, who was protesting vehemently about medical research carried out on animals.

Ms Walker was responding to Cathy Gibbs' letter and stated that she is glad she has "a heart and passionate feelings towards animals."

She points out that animals can't speak to defend themselves and over the years have trusted and loved her unconditionally.

Ms Walker, you could have been Jack the Ripper and the animals you fed and cared for would have loved you!

You could have been any kind of despicable human being, yet loved by the animals you rescued.

I trust Ms Walker takes great lengths to ensure that any medication she takes, or may be administered in the future, has not been developed using animals.

As for hoping that animal rights extremists "can be as extreme as they possibly can," I don't think I've heard such an irresponsible comment for a long time.


Abbey Meads.