IN response to MCT Morrison's letter where he states that animals are not tortured in animal experiments (SA, June 5), I strongly disagree.

I have seen how these poor creatures are treated and it disgusts me.

Would these people allow their pet dogs and cats to be treated in this manner? I don't agree with extremists but I don't agree with the horrific cruelty these innocent animals are put through.

Should we not forget also that different species of animals react differently to drugs than humans.

Would you go to a vet if you were ill?

For instance, aspirin can kill a cat. Also drugs such as Amrinone which were used for heart failure treatment were tested safely' on mice, guinea pigs, and monkeys yet resulted in complications and even death in humans check out Some scientists even believe that vivisection has prevented and delayed us finding cures.

So despite the cruelty and suffering, is it even safe?

As you so rightly stated, MCT Morrison, humans are part of the animal kingdom too. I don't condone cruelty to other human beings or cruelty to any other animal in the animal kingdom for that matter!