I NOTE that the Stagecoach Bus Company has today again taken a full page advertisement in your paper extolling the greatness of its new service to Faringdon and Oxford.

It is most unfortunate that the company did not go to the same lengths with an advert regretting the withdrawal of the 54 Service, Wroughton to Wootton Bassett via the Swindon Bus Station, the Link Centre and Freshbrook Centre and return. This service started on December 9, 2007 and was withdrawn on May 4, 2010 after less than 2½ years without any public consultation, just a three inch square in barely visible type attached to timetables at bus-stops. To replace the 54 service a 54A service which follows the old route just once a day in either direction to convey students to and from Ridgeway School.

Rumour one suggests that there were too many buses going to and from Wroughton therefore there is no reason why journeys should not start and terminate at Swindon Bus Station. Rumour two suggests that too many buses are using the Link Centre therefore there is no reason why the old bus-stops outside the Ashington House Practice on either side of Corton Crescent should not be brought into use again.

Over 400 members of the travelling public have signed a petition requesting the service be reinstated. They and I believe it will attract many more customers if it is properly advertised, unlike its arrival out of the blue in 2007. This is the old story again of public transport companies applying for licences to provide services which they terminate without ant recourse or consultation with the local travelling public.

MICK BRAY Leven Freshbrook Swindon