I JUST love the gems of councilspeak, from our masters at Swindon Borough Council, which litter your paper these days: Coun Mallinson Health & Social Care - We are not cutting services we are realigning them so that we can assess the needs.....tell that to the users of Upham Road Resource Centre, or of Dial-a-Ride.

Coun Fionuala Foley - I would encourage residents to get involved and volunteer at their local (library) branches... so they can get rid of paid library staff and get volunteers to run the library service?

Coun Renard on the proposed cuts in the play service - I would say that there are other activities that children in the area could do - joining the Scouts could be just one of them. Do you really believe that the Scouts and other such groups can replace free play schemes across the town for children aged six to 14 years? Get a life, Renard!

Coun Rod Bluh - We are all in this together. Who do you think you are kidding? You're not going to suffer from most of the cuts you make. I live on an estate where the cuts are going to be very evident and yet you are asking us to comment on the proposals, which is also councilspeak for a 'consultation' to which you will not pay any attention anyway.

Those are just a few of the bits of councilspeak we have been treated to lately. Keep them coming, there isn't much to laugh at these days. The crying comes later.

SHERRY WALDON Kingswood Avenue Park North Swindon