LUSH Cosmetics would like to thank the people of Swindon for the overwhelming support they showed during our greyhound campaign (“Store takes a stand for racing greyhounds”, October 14, 2010).

The lives of racing greyhounds can be full of injury, neglect and suffering. Most people who came into our shop in Swindon this week agreed with our simple message - don’t bet on the dogs or go to the local track.

However, the comments made by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) about the statistics we used are beyond belief. Anyone who wants to see the original sources for the campaign should visit and read the research themselves. The truth hurts - the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare concluded in 2007 that almost 5,000 retired greyhounds go ‘missing’ every year, and most are presumed killed.

We feel that this is a terrible end for a greyhound. It seems that when the bets are placed and money is at stake it’s always the animals that lose. These sensitive, lovely dogs deserve more than being tossed away when they are no longer profitable.


Campaigns Manager

Lush Cosmetics

Carnaby Street