IN reply to reports that urban foxes are being released in the countryside, all I would like to say is that deception and deflection are all that the hunting and shooting fraternity has ever offered in place of justification for their killing programs. As the RSPCA stated this is an old chestnut being revamped. The classic case is usually the white transit van that was seen to unload 47 foxes into the countryside. Someone was able to count up to 47 foxes but unable to take down the licence plate number.

For animal welfare campaigners our biggest problem is one of misrepresentation and the spinning of the information or statistical data to meet the media demands of the current political agenda.

Another example of spin your readers may be interested in is the pro-hunt group strangely named Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management (VAWM), formerly known as ‘Vets For Hunting’. VAWM’s the name and hunting is its game, just sometimes the true goal is so well hidden from the general public.

Sometimes when the label states this product may contain nuts, and we are initially dumbfounded and confused never expecting to understand why nuts would ever be present in this product - then later we stumble across these nuts and usually in most unexpected of places.

GRAHAM FORSYTH Fairway Rise Chard Somerset