IN his letter on foxes and hunting (SA - February 4, 2011), Graham Forsyth criticizes an organisation called the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management for being in favour of hunting.

Presumably Mr Forsyth would have us believe that he knows more about animals than the 570 plus veterinary surgeons, including five veterinary professors and six fellows of the Royal College of Pathologists, who support this body. However, just as importantly, he also expects readers of the Swindon Advertiser to accept his views on the Hunting Act being workable and principled, when the list of its critics is ever growing. A detailed examination of the Hunting Act explains why Mr Forsyth is wrong; animal welfare has been made worse by this legislation, not better.

Not surprisingly, the Hunting Act has now been severely criticised by politicians from all parties, the media, the police, the judiciary, veterinarians, senior Whitehall officials and recently the Prime Minister at the time of its passing, Tony Blair.

How many more people have to state that this is flawed legislation before anti-hunt groups accept what is blindingly obvious to anyone who has looked closely at this law?


Animal Welfare Consultant