A RECENT study, reported in the Journal Diabetes Care, found that vegetarians are around a third less likely to get heart disease, diabetes or suffer stroke than people who eat meat.

The survey of 700 volunteers from North America, 35 per cent of whom were vegetarian, found that those who didn’t eat meat were generally slimmer and healthier. Vegetarians have a 36 per cent lower rate of metabolic syndrome - a combination of symptoms that lead to long-term diseases. The study found that even those who reduce their meat consumption have a slightly lower risk of developing these diseases. Reducing or eliminating meat from our diets is an easy, tasty and healthy way to lose a few pounds and reduce the risk of suffering from diet-related illnesses, including some cancers. So why not give it a go? Contact Animal Aid for a FREE guide to meat-free meals, including recipes and nutritional information. www.animalaid.org.uk. Tel: 01732 364546.


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