I had an appointment at the GWH early on April 16. There were no disabled parking spaces to be found and, as I have difficulty and pain when walking, I need to be within reasonable distance of my destination. I am in receipt of a blue badge to facilitate this.

I eventually parked in the 20-minute waiting area, at which point I was approached by an employee and told I could not park there. I asked him where I could park and tried to explain my difficulty. Given that I am completely without hearing and was feeling very stressed, the attitude, consisting of a shrug, was very unhelpful. I was within five minutes of my appointment time and very rushed.

Perhaps someone could explain to me why there are comparatively few spaces allotted to disabled people when common sense dictates that most people attending a hospital for appointments will be less than able bodied? Of course, I could always assume that this is simple a money-making scam and the people targeted are those least able to make exorbitant payments at the drop of a hat.

I have noted with interest all the threats and promises printed on the ‘parking ticket’. I have no intention of paying this outrageous charge and will see those behind it in court with great pleasure if that is where it ends up.

Name and address supplied