Again and again on TV, radio and in the papers, the Tories and the Tory Liberals blame the last Labour Government for our financial plight today.

And as we have seen in the past 12 months the Tory solution as always, is to cut support to the old and young. I can only assume that in these hard times Tories think vulnerable people don’t need money; unlike those unfortunates who have to pay super taxes, they obviously do! In my experience the best approach to solve a problem is to trace it back to the cause.

Tracking this story takes us back well before the last Labour Government, back to one Allan Walters, a leading economist. In the 1980s, Mr Walters convinced Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher that deregulating the world banking system would free up the market and money would make money.

It did sound good. At this point some readers may ask why didn’t Gordon re-regulate the banks in the 1990s; a good question!

The answer is he did a bit but, like the reply the banker gave David Cameron to the same question, which was, ‘try it and we will move out of the UK’ the genie is out of the bottle! Even Vince Cable said in 2007 “it’s a brave man who takes away the punch bowl before the party is over.”

In 2008, following the collapse of UK and US banks, Gordon Brown bailed out our banks in the UK. To avoid a 1930s-style depression the whole world followed his action. Most people now recognise that because of these actions the world narrowly avoided the 2008 depression. Sadly, the UK’s current policies are not working and the UK has flatlined.

A point to ponder, in the 1880s during another UK recession, GWR weathered the storm by investing in their infrastructure. Just a thought, spending does work! I believe I have now traced the history back to the cause, bank deregulation.

Anyone who has more to add or a solution should write to the Swindon Advertiser who, I’m sure, will publish it in full.

One last comment. Don’t believe all you see, hear or read until you’ve checked it out.

So if you hear ’it’s the fault of the last Labour Government’, check it out, fully! Mike Spry Mayfield Close Swindon

Thanks for votes

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you who voted for me last Thursday. It was a difficult election because the general feeling on the doorstep from residents was that they were very happy with what had been achieved locally but wished to protest at issues they were unhappy with nationally by not coming out to vote.

I am pleased to have received 1,294 votes and it was very close, being only 20 votes short.

I am proud of what I have achieved in the ward in such a short time. Some examples are as follows:

  • £240,000 investment and improvement of play parks
  • Vehicle Activated Signs and Puffin crossing
  • Road resurfacing
  • New signage to prevent lorries travelling along Liden Drive
  • Tackled Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Extended the opening hours of local libraries
  • Green days (community clean up days)
  • Governor for two local primary schools and of Great Western Hospital
  • Helped and supported local community groups on a hands-on basis and to receive funding grants,
  • Set up monthly surgeries in partnership with the police
  • Led the campaign against domestic violence as chairman of Safer And Stronger Overview and Scrutiny Committee
  • Kept council tax low
  • Helped and supported many, many people within the ward with a huge range of issues and concerns.

I have also made many new friends. I will still play an active roll in serving the Community as a Governor for Covingham Park and Nythe Primary schools and of GWH. I would like to congratulate my colleagues Richard and Dale and Labour’s Julian Price on their victory.

Kevin Parry Former Dorcan Ward Councillor

We’ll try harder

The United Kingdom Independence Party Swindon Branch would like to thank the electorate of Swindon that voted for its candidates in the Swindon Council elections on May 3. I would also like to apologise to the electorate in those wards that couldn’t vote for a UKIP candidate.

The Swindon Branch will work harder to ensure that a UKIP candidate will be available for you to vote for next time.

I would also like to thank the council election team that provided advice and information and on the election day ensured all went smoothly.

Ed Gerrard UKIP Swindon Branch

Penguin politics

Politics is a serious business affecting all our daily lives. However it’s not without some humour.

I would loved to have seen Nick Clegg’s face when he was told that in the city of Edinburgh, a chap dressed up as a penguin,called Professor Pongoo, received more votes than the Liberal Democrat candidate.

I must search out my Loch Ness monster pantomime suit for the General Election. Any volunteers for the bottom half?

Bill Williams Merlin Way Covingham Swindon

Join challenge

THIS year is is the tenth year of the Coniston Adventure Team Challenge which takes place on September 8.

The team challenge is in four sections:

  • 10k Hike up to the summit of the Old Man of Coniston.
  • 12k Mountain Bike in Grizedale Forest.
  • one-mile kayak on Coniston Water.
  • . Climb and slide on the Wall of Wonder.

Guide Dogs have a fun-filled weekend for the teams, their friends and families.

Individual medals,10th anniversary T-shirts and outstanding goodie bags for all. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and hot drinks will be available to all team members.

Camping available on the main event field for teams and supporters.

Celebrate in style in a themed marquee with a hot and cold main course and dessert buffet, bar entertainment, live band and disco. Registration is £40 a team.

Fundraising Target £2,500 a team and there should be four to six members in each team, aged 16 plus.

To register call 0845 600 6787 or sign up at Alan Fletcher Swindon Guide Dogs For The Blind Stratton Swindon

Empty shops

WHEN we moved to Marlborough in 1966 the town was full of antique shops and cafés catering for M4 travellers.

The shops then filled up with clothing shops for both men and women.

Marlborough can now probably absorb another café – even Caffe Nero’s attempt to take over the Dash outlet – but vacant shop windows are the kiss of death for any British High Street.

Mr and Mrs A Killick Ducks Meadow, Marlborough