I was appalled by your coverage of Billie Piper's visit. I was in that queue for more than two hours, and for much of that time we could see Billie, through the window - and she was super.

She chatted to everyone, and repeatedly leant across the table to be photographed with the children.

Some of us at least were aware that she'd stayed much longer than planned, and appreciated that.

In the event the queue was cut off before the end, but not until at least three quarters of the people queueing had gone through.

When it came to my turn she was exhausted. We had a few words, and she was good enough to express horror at the prospect of Coate Water being surrounded by development.

If anyone should apologise, it should be Asda Wal-Mart - for not keeping people properly informed, and for allowing the queue to remain outside on a bitterly cold evening, rather than inside where it was warmer.

It's extremely generous of Billie, now a national star with many commitments, to offer to come back.

When she does, perhaps she might choose a different venue.

C Barry.

Belmont Crescent.