Hi, my name’s Beth, and I am a teenager with a lot to say! Basically, this blog is about how a typical teen like me would view what’s going on in, and around, the world! You will have the latest views on what I think about the news stories, and my life! You would get an insight into a teenager’s life! Well, a female teen anyway; I don’t think I will ever understand boys!

I didn’t have a great start to life, as I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, called Neuroblastoma, when I was just 3 months old. Luckily though, the doctors found it early, through convulsions, and were able to perform an operation to get it out. I have been left with a scar across my stomach, but I call it my medal, as I am completely fine now! Well, I may be a bit crazy sometimes, but that’s normal!

I have two deaf parents, which some people would think is hard, but it is completely normal for me. I know sign language, even though my mum has two cochlear implants, and I don’t need to use it often. My parents have recently separated, which is something I’ve had to get used to, but I’m doing well, and coping fine.

I have one sister – Aimee – and we get on well (most of the time!). We will stick up for each other when we need it and share jokes all the time! We live with quite a few animals! We have two gorgeous, giant, ginger cats (Toffee and Popcorn), one snake (Bubbles) and two Giant African Land Snails (Slither and Freckles) who are always hibernating. Out of all of them, the cats are the most mischievous, always having crazed moments, where all they do is run from the top of the house to the bottom!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this, and will continue to do so!