I’ve heard that there has been more snow around parts of the UK, which some people would fine good news, but for a lot of us, it’s quite disappointing.

I think that snow is only fun for the first couple of days. This is because after this time, it all tends to turn into black ice which can be an absolute death-trap at times! (For Miranda lovers, like me: If this snow turns to black ice, absolute death trap!)

On top of this, I am travelling to Paris on Friday, to go on a tour. If this snow hits Swindon, it will increase my travel time. I’m already in a coach for 10 hours on Friday! It will all be worth it in the end though!

Another story that caught my eye was the 6th form students going on a two day residential course to see the qualities of being a journalist! I think it’s great that they have introduced this, as if people want to know the skills that come into working as a journalist, this is a chance for them to find out!

If it turns out that it becomes too hard for them, then they can make the decision to choose a different career path.


Valentine’s Day. Just those two words make me go: BLEURGH! I’m only bitter because, as you’ve probably realised, I am alone this year!

I do have a lot of friends though, and we have decided to buy each other cards this year, LOL. I am giving a card this year, but he may be reading this so I’m not saying anything! I wonder if I’ll get a card this year!

I think Valentines Day is  a great day for couples, but it's just not the same when you are single!

But my mum and sister and I will be fine this year, even if we don’t have a partner, who needs guys when you have your girlies?!  “‘Coz girls just wanna have fun!”