As a life coach, change is something I deal with every day. Either helping people cope with, create, or continue to make change in their lives.

Lots of people have something they want to change about themselves in the belief that it will make them happier. Acknowledging this is a brave first step and can be a powerful realisation in itself - just knowing that change is wanted, or needed.

But wanting to make change without taking any action can lead to real frustration within ourselves. For one reason or another, before a step is even taken excuses start to appear about why it isn’t a good idea, or why it’s going to be hard, or why there isn’t enough time. This can even lead to people talking themselves out of going for the change they want before a finger is even lifted!

It’s is helpful to know that change is actually made up of 3 parts;

1) Wanting to make a change

2) Knowing how to make the change

3) Having or making the opportunity to change

Some common examples of change I deal with as a coach are:

• I want to stop doing something e.g. smoking, fighting with my partner, or being so hard on myself
• I want to change something e.g. my job, my attitude to work, my relationship, or my belief about something
• I want to understand something e.g. myself, someone else, or a situation
• I want something e.g. a promotion, to start my own business, be a great parent, or lose weight.

All of my clients either have, or can discover a clear motivation for wanting to make changes such as the above. Sometimes the motivation for change has been there for years, but KNOWING how to do it has continued to evade them. Some felt that coaching was a good resource to help so they have contacted me and I have then helped them to discover their own inner resources, enabling them to make change.

Those that do contact me find that, together we create the chance and the opportunity to make the change, this can be through a process of goal setting, understanding the motivation and defining the clear benefits of making any change.

This allows the client to get a much clearer view and better feeling of the situation and review any choices they might make, followed by a clear first step.

Change doesn't always require coaching, sometimes it’s just a chat with a friend, or Googling for hints and tips is enough. Coaching however is a very effective resource to help demonstrate that you have the power to make any change you want in your life and I bet you couldn’t become a person who stops challenging them-selves to make change!

The key things to remember are:

• Want to make a change – what is your motivation? i.e I want to stop smoking, so that I will feel healthier
• Know how to – How will I stop smoking? What resources do I have? or can I get? e.g. patches, NHS stop smoking website, or even a coach
• Get the chance toCreate the opportunity to stop, e.g. I will cut down gradually over the next few weeks and stop smoking on x date. Or take the chance to throw your cigarettes away now and stop all together

Change, is all about choice - but wanting to change isn’t enough; Creating change will always involve more than just the want for it to happen. The other parts of change, the knowing and the opportunity are also needed in order to make your breakthroughs.

Whatever you choose to change, Good luck!