My heart goes out to all the year nines that have had to make the difficult decision of choosing their options these past few weeks.

I know I sound dramatic, but it is really hard to pick the subjects that have a big impact on your near future! I am pretty sure I have made the right choice by going with the subjects I enjoy!

If I could give anyone going through this process a piece of advice, that would be it. If you enjoy the subject, there is more chance that you will succeed in it. My school, family and friends have been great in supporting and guiding me throughout this process, so thank you to them!

I love how the nights are getting lighter, as summer is my favourite time of year! I have always enjoyed the warm weather, because it’s so warm (most of the time!)! It’s nice just to be able to stay outside till late at night, just because it’s warm and bright enough to!

For my birthday a couple months ago, I went to see Shrek the Musical – I would recommend it to anyone – it was amazing! I have had the songs from that stuck in my head for about a month! I have also seen Wicked twice with captions. I think this is a brilliant idea, as deaf people can enjoy the show as well! There are two big black screens to the side of the stage that script everything the actors are saying – it’s a great idea!

Hope you all have a great weekend, and enjoy yourselves!