So, this week has been a strange week. My full time employment contract end eeks ever closer and sometimes I find myself in freeze frame.

What I mean by that is the sheer scale of the undertaking I am about to complete just all piles up and I don’t know what needs to happen first. My website needs further updating, I would like to book some more speaking events and I would love to engage with more life coaching clients. Because I currently work 35 hours a week finding time to do all these things is challenging and when you are thinking about all these things that have to be done at once, you end up doing none!

Have you ever had a similar situation?

Maybe it was something simple as finding another job? Or moving house? These things tend to start off with a simple thought, then the sheer scale of the task soon begins to seem quite daunting. Sometimes you will get permanently put off and just stay put, but some times you proceed, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other.

I am curious to know what one thing you have completed, that at the time seemed huge, but you did it and looking back are rightly proud of it. It may be buying your first house, preparing for a baby, finishing college – whatever it was - just take a moment to think back.

I wonder what would happen if you were to use the same strategy used back then and then applied it for something that you want now. An example might be; you want to start your own business doing something you love? Or something else, anything! What would that be?

So, what needs to happen in order for you to take action on that one thing? AND I can already hear the firsts objections filtering through now, I don’t know enough about starting a business, where would the business be, I can’t quit my job, I can’t afford it, I have no investment to make.

OK, OK I hear you! But how many successful businesses and great experiences that you have had in your life started with just an idea? Lots!

Think back to what it was you achieved that we thought about at the start of the blog, how was it you completed this? Did you just go for it? Head down, forge ahead? Did you plan? Whatever the formula was, it got you to your goal.

If you were to apply this to something that you want now, i.e. moving house or getting a new job, you now know first hand that you are capable of achieving it.

Of course not everyone suffers from this “rabbit in a headlights” overwhelm, but it is common. It causes many people to never pursue an idea because of the scale of it, that doesn’t have to be you! You have a strategy that works for you and therefore can apply it again and achieve what it is you want.

Its an important reflection to make, because at that time you probably didn't know any more about what it was you completed, than you do about starting a business (for instance.)

The good news is; due to the technology available to people now, what you don’t know you can easily find out. You could start today even!

I know whole heartedly that I will live the life I want to create and dream of, because I will never stop. I want to make the world a better place and yes there will be times when I suffer from this “rabbit in a headlights” moments, but also I have moments of enormous creativity and drive, where everything seems to happen. It's about making the most of this time to ensure I keep going. It is also important that I give my self some slack when I feel a bit overwhelmed, refocus on my next step and then take it and the same goes for you!

When talking about doing large things, someone great once asked me, “how do you eat an elephant?” the answer is “one bite at a time”