So this blog was set up to help people have some useful insights into alternative ways of thinking and understanding their lives, whilst I discussed the process of setting up my business as a full time venture.

Well, the day arrived today and I have now gone from coaching part time, to full time. It is now not only my passion, but also my “job” and my life. In honesty I have never been so scared by anything in all my life…. (well, maybe becoming a dad!!)

This “fear” has 2 dimensions to it. The first is that I am conscious of the possibility of failure and of the repercussions of this, but also the absolute excitement of now being able to combine, what I love, what I am truly good at and the freedom this will bring. The fear is in part a motivation, as it is all down to me now; the success or failure of this venture and my livelihood rests squarely on my shoulders. The transition of excitement and then fear can leave you feeling like you are on a roller coaster of highs and lows, confidence then abject terror.

Throughout my life I have always been employed, always had a full time salary and always had the luxury that this security brings, but it never really brought me happiness. In fact, having been on quite a journey of personal reflection, I can say that knowing exactly what it is you want to do, and not to be doing it is incredibly frustrating.

So to be clear not doing what you want is frustrating. But, it doesn’t make taking the step into doing what it is you want to be doing, any less daunting… you still have to take that plunge, trust yourself, your own abilities and go for it.

One tiny piece of advice I can give for anyone else considering doing the same thing is to think carefully about what partnerships you would benefit from creating:

• Who can supply me?

• Who can do what I have to do easier e.g accountants or delivery agents?

• Who can I join with to expand into a new or interesting market?

• Who can sell my product or concept for me?

• Where will I find the best “win/win” partnerships?

It’s not going to be easy if you do decide to make a business on your own, it is not that you cannot succeed without help and a network – but smart partnerships can really make the difference between success and failure.