So this week was another productive week, I had a good meeting with a potential large client, with the hope that some business has been won. My website revamp is now complete as well, please head over and check it out at I think it looks fantastic!

In other news I attended the mind body and spirit show at Drove Peoples Centre on Saturday and this was an interesting experience as my first “marketing” outing as a full time coach. It is the first of 2 similar events I am doing this month, the other one being at Nationwide Building Society where I am the resident life coach.

It’s clear to me that the building up of business and opportunities is quite slow burning at first, you have a base set of clients - but to really take it to that next level you have to work hard and more importantly you have to keep going. It is also important that you choose the right events for your business as you can potentially invest a great deal of time and money, but hit the wrong audiences and as a result make no lasting business opportunities.

I would suggest that what ever show you go to, take time to introduce yourself to other exhibitors, I found that these are more often than not the ones who will take time to listen about you and your company in greater depth, as they do not believe they are being sold too. Members of the public believe your conversation is some how loaded and you are waiting to pounce and sell to them!

Exhibitions and shows are not all about selling, they are also about networking but to be effective it is helpful to look at what else you can offer, for instance; can you offer free trials, or samples of your products, or free consultations at certain times in the day, this will mean people are more encouraged to engage with you and take notice of your product. Trying to sell consulting on the day is quite difficult, but establishing a potential partnership is far easier.

It is also important to look happy and be present and try to make eye contact with people as they walk past, perhaps ask an open question such as what are you looking for from the show today, most will reply with “don’t know “and this is your lead in to be able to say, well this is what I came here for etc.

I sympathise with any small business owner because trying to choose where to invest your time and money is a minefield. But, if you work form the adage that there is no failure only feedback and learn from each of your experiences, then you will always be growing, as an individual and as a business.

You are also learning about your market - where it is and isn’t - your potential customers - both those that will buy and those that won’t - and you are honing your pitch.

Remember you have 7 seconds to gain a hook from a potential customer - this rule of thumb also applies to telephone calls and sales so make your first 7 seconds of interaction engaging and clear.

Good luck!