Back in the day, even before Liebfraumilch and Piersporter were considered to be the drink of choice for the sophisticate, there was Babycham - launched in 1953 and originally marketed as 'the genuine Champagne perry' this was 'the' drink for many.

Okay then,'what?' I hear you cry, 'does this have to do with Swindon?' Well nothing directly except that I recently bought some Babycham glasses in Once Upon a Vintage, on Faringdon Road. I spotted them in the window and just couldn't resist this blast from the past.

'Once upon a Vintage' is a veritable treasure trove of all things retro - so if that floats your boat then pop in and have a good rummage.

Personally speaking, I enjoy but yet am dismayed by vintage shops -  the latter by finding that your childhood and even teenage/young adult references are now 'vintage'. Eeek. As if the mirror weren't enough of a reminder of the passing years ......

They do, of course, have a Facebook page: