Just a quick post to shout about Outset Swindon. I'm currently doing an introduction to enterprise course they are running at Holbrook House. It's all completely free (and who doesn't love a freebie???) and, so far, really interesting and useful. So if you have any designs on starting your own business in the short or long term I'd urge you to check it out. It's a really great initiative.

As it says on their website:

'Have you ever dreamed of starting a business but were unsure who to ask for advice? Outset Swindon offers hands on, vocational support and guidance tailored for you.

We are a totally FREE programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Swindon Borough Council that helps people living in Swindon to start their own business. We offer a range of options including information sessions, one-to-one support, business start-up workshops and help with accessing finance. Why not book now to attend an information session to find out more, our trained advisors will assess your current need and help you to kick start your new business'.

Like just about everything else in life, even the Royal Family (??) they are also on Facebook.  So, as the inimitable Sir Fred Pontin used to say: 'Book early!'  :-)