Last Saturday at London Road we were treated to a pleasant surprise, it wasn’t a new manager or a new signing, but a new style of football for Swindon Town.

This style of the game won’t be to everyone’s liking but after listening to the fans phone-in on BBC Wiltshire last week, it’s clear that Chairman Jed McCrory wants this style of play played by Town during his tenure.

Personally, I’m a dinosaur when it comes to football tactics, 4-4-2 is my preferred choice of formation, I like to see two strikers on the pitch, a defensive & attacking central midfielder and two wingers.


But even I understand the game we all love and enjoy is changing on the pitch, a game can be won and lost in central midfield, if you don’t have the ball you can’t score, so winning and keeping the ball is essential.

The Claude Makélélé role is not new in football, but its something that’s rarely practiced in League One, if it works, it would be a real game changer for Town.

The man in that role on Tuesday night against Torquay was our new Iraqi born defensive midfielder Yasser Kasim.

Kasim left Iraq aged seven and came to the UK, he was firstly part of the Tottenham youth team set-up, but moved onto Brighton, and then was released during the summer, where Town signed him on a one-year deal.

He had a great night on Tuesday and showed why caretaker manager Mark Cooper and the board decided to sign the young midfielder; I can see him playing a big role this season.

On Tuesday night, the County Ground began its 109th season hosting Swindon Town, and it was a positive start with Town coming away 1-0 winners.

Our new style of football was on full display for the 5,380 Swindon fans to see for the first time.

At times when the ball wasn’t getting forward groans were clearly audible, but by the end of the night, I think the new style had made more friends than enemies.

The new manager hunt is now in it’s 27th day and doesn’t look like coming to an end anytime soon.

Mark Cooper has won over some fans with recent results, but I’m still not totally convinced he’s the right man for the job.

New names such as Liverpool U21 manager Alex Inglethorpe, MK Don’s boss Karl Robinson and strangely former Town boss Dennis Wise have all been linked with the position over the past week.

But nothing had come out of the club officially at the time of writing.

This Saturday Town take on Stevenage at the County Ground, it’s important Town gets off to a winning start at home to set up a winning mentality at SN1, something that was missing all of last season.

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