Hiya guys, sorry for the long delay; I've had lots of changes in family circumstances and therefore I've been really busy! Sadly, not all of the changes were good ones, as I lost a dear Uncle in early July. He will be sorely missed by us all.

In better news, we welcomed our future King into the world! George Alexander Louis was born on the 22nd of July and the UK went mad! Celebrations were everywhere, and people couldn’t wait to see the first pictures of the newborn. Congratulations to the new, proud parents!

More recently I went away on two holidays, with each side of the family. I went camping in the New Forest, with my Dad and his family, which was an experience! We had no electric, toilets, or a shower block – but we still had loads of fun! We visited Splashdown Water Park and I was teased for not going down the big rides like the rest of them (there was 13 of us!) Later on in the week, we went to an Urban Battlefield where we teamed up against the Reds and had to complete different challenges. We lost, but it was really fun to do something different!

The week after, I went caravanning in Bowleaze Cove with my Mum and her side of the family. That was great fun too, and we had various entertainments each evening, including an Olly Murs tribute which was my favourite! We visited SeaLife which was amazing!

It was much bigger than we expected and it took us the best part of the day to go around. The tickets also allowed us to go up the Weymouth Tower, and that had a great 360 degree view of the whole of Weymouth. Even though my cousin and I were scared going up, we enjoyed the overall experience!

We were in Weymouth for Carnival Week and on the Wednesday (which was the day of the Carnival) we saw the Red Arrows fly their display, and then saw the parade later on in the day! There was a fairground where we decided to go on the Waltzers... Fun, even if we did feel like passing out afterwards! 

I was lucky with both holidays, as the weather was kind to us, and we all managed to get out and about! Back to reality again as year 10 begins... Work, work, and more work for me now!