Mention to someone that you like Marmite and you can gauge whether they do by their answer. Obviously if they say ‘Me too!’ you’re probably left in no doubt, but if they say ‘Marmite eh? Love it or hate it’, you can be sure they don’t eat it.

That’s because the last time they gave Marmite a thought was when they saw an ad on TV weeks ago. The last time a Marmite eater thought about the brown stuff was probably at breakfast time.

And it’s the same if you have a conversation about Swindon Town.

Here in Sticksville there are various calls from neighbouring areas to support someone other than STFC. I know the odd Bristol City supporter (odd being the operative word here) I’ve come across people of a similar Rovers’ persuasion, but happily I’m well out of the Oxford United catchment area.

Generally there is a tolerant coexistence between all groups and sometimes a minor discussion along the lines of ‘That new striker your lot have got seems to be doing OK’. We might not have a club in common, but we are knowledgeable, and committed to our individual causes.

But it’s when people who have never shown any interest before start to talk to you about Swindon Town, you know there is something unusual in the air.

Previously you may have mentioned you are off to watch Town versus Stevenage and drawn a blank look from them. You hadn’t mentioned Man United or Arsenal and they didn’t understand that you were talking about football.

But when those people come up to me and say ‘Swindon are playing Chelsea then’ I’m immediately on my guard. Because I know the next question will be ‘Are you going?’

Right! I’ve been a season ticket holder for almost 40 years and I might be undecided whether I’ll pop along?

Then of course comes ‘I might go along to watch that’, to which I’m supposed to enthusiastically embrace their ‘interest’.

Because what all this is leading up to is ‘Can you get me a ticket?’, and what they have been talking about all along is Chelsea, not Swindon Town. And they are probably hoping you’ll give them a lift as well.

Like a non-Marmite consumer they have given as little thought to Swindon as the Marmite hater has given to Marmite. The last time they thought about watching Swindon, the game was at Wembley.

But now they see a reason to engage me in conversation, in the hope that I’d be more keen to help them out, than they have ever been on the subject matter before. Almost as though I’ve been craving their involvement and now should be grateful for it.

Town’s backroom team have given a lot of thought to ticket distribution lately and have found a new way to prioritise season ticket holders (thanks), loyalty card holders and those who actually earn points by their previous attendance.

This makes life easier for everyone and targets those who have earned the respect of the club first.

Excellent work guys.

I also now don’t have to travel from Stickland, queue up and get my hands on a piece of card. Now I can remotely spend my money, have my season ticket account credited with my purchase and turn up on the day without the need of any paperwork changing hands or any postal worker strike threatening the arrival of my ticket.

And it means that come kick-off on 24th September, should there be any tickets left after all those who deserve them have theirs, the far-too-casual football watcher can still help swell the gate to a full house if they can be bothered.

But they will have to make some effort.

And I can honestly say to people ‘No I can’t get you a ticket because all those who deserve them get theirs first. But we’re playing Tranmere on 5th October. You shouldn’t have too much problem getting a ticket if you fancy watching Town.’