I tell you. I swear to your God and mine that I walk about with my eyes shut half the time. I've mentioned in my blog writings more than once, how I've managed to not really notice things. Well, some things are easier to miss than others for sure but you'd really think I'd have noticed a Mini climbing up the wall of an office block wouldn't you? Well, you'd be wrong! It was only when a link to this article by Swindon Link popped up on Facebook or Twitter - social media somewhere anyway - that I had cause to ask myself how on earth I'd managed to miss this bit of public art. Doh! A quick query on Twitter and yes, it does still exist and, even worse, it's in a part of town that I frequent on a regular basis. I don't feel at all silly...

So what am I talking about? Here's an extract from the aforementioned article:

"In a kick start to the regeneration of the town centre a 'road' is to be painted up the side of the liftshaft of the stark white office block facing Fleet Street and two fibreglass Minis on loan from BMW will be attached to it, one driving up the side, the other on the top. Also part of the decoration will be some roundabouts for which Swindon is famous for..."

Swindon is blessed with loads of public art which is, in my opinion, really rather terrific. I've written about a lot of it on my blog, in particular the West Swindon sculpture trail, and, I have to say, I love this. It's quirky and fun and clever and a brilliant homage to a car partly made in the town and the roundabouts for which this town is so famous and also infamous - especially the Magic Roundabout.

The picture here I took on my phone but unsurprisingly, the one in the Link Magazine article shows off this piece of public art much better. Anyway, if you too are as unobservant as I, next time you are down Fleet Street walking towards Fleming Way, look up and that's what you will see.