Friday 13th December

Yesterday was my last day at uni for the first semester of this, my final year. Gulp. So, being in the mood to chillax just a little, I arranged to meet a friend for a drink and early supper when I landed back in Swindon from Bristol at tea-time. 

For once the gods of travel were with me and I managed to make the transition from the Fishponds area of Bristol to Platform 3 of Swindon station in a practically-unprecedented 1 hr and 30 mins. I think it's happened ONCE before since I started uni. Anyway, having got back to Swindon in record time and met up with my friend, the question was where to go. Curry had been on the menu - geddit - but then, almost simultaneously we had the thought: Rustico. Figuring they were likely to be open at that early time (5.30pm) and it only being a short stagger from there (Commercial Road) to the bus stops at Regent Circus off we went.

We were neither looking for nor expecting anything much - just cheap, cheerful and relaxing. And that we found. The place is really quite nice. It's not fine dining obviously but then it's not trying to be - but what we had we enjoyed very much. The decor is contemporary but yet still cosy - something not always achieved in contemporary surroundings. Whilst I LOVE ambience I will always sacrifice it for the food. But at Rustico there's no need for that. Like I say, contemporary but yet still cosy. Most agreeable. And with a big open pizza oven too which is rather nice.

The menu is largely pizza, pasta and salad but there were some specials on the board, sea-bass and steak for instance. Having a rather delicate digestive system pizza isn't a meal I indulge in very often but once in a while doesn't hurt so I opted for the pizza Rustico and my friend took a bowl of pasta. We had a carafe of Italian red, the name of which I didn't note - too busy chatting - suffice to say it was very quaffable! The pizza was very tasty and my friend enjoyed her pasta.

The young lady serving us was friendly and helpful and gave service with a smile - which goes a long way.

The bill held no surprises, including a £5 tip it was £20 quid each for our food, the wine and a coffee each - pretty good value I reckon. So will I be back? Yup, most definitely. Oh and they do take-away too which is good to know cos just sometimes a change from curry is good eh?