I have very fond memories of an annual event that used to take place at the Mechanics Institute.

Back in the early eighties I first attended the yearly CAMRA real ale festive there and continued to mark the date in my calendar for years, being disappointed when the event was forced to move elsewhere while we awaited repairs to the building.

They were the only occasions I ever venture into the Mechanics, but the venue was perfect for a beery session, in which ale would inevitably be spilt on the old wooden floor.

The facilities were basic and in need of repair, but the use of the hall for such a gathering seemed exactly in keeping with what it’s original intention was. To bring people together in a gregarious evening out.

So, much like everyone else who has followed attempts to breathe new life into the old lady, I’ve been very disappointed in the constant failure to achieve it.

On Thursday, the Adver printed the latest story in the saga, and also a very helpful ‘Time Line’ which detailed what had been said and done about the problem since 2000.

Here are eight quotes. Can you guess which year they were attributed to?

1) Hopes are growing that a solution to bring the Mechanics Institute back to life can be found in the coming months.

2) The iconic town centre building has had a troubled history and has stood empty for many years.

3) Plans are now under way to find a sustainable use for it.

4) There is a sense that we are all working in the same direction.

5) There have been a few delays.

6) This is not a quick process but it is important we don’t rush things.

7) The Mechanics should play a key part in the town centre regeneration.

8) The restoration of the Mechanics Institute is a key priority.

And the answers are:

1) 27th November 2014

2) 27th November 2014

3) 27th November 2014

4) 27th November 2014

5) 27th November 2014

6) 27th November 2014

7) 27th November 2014

8) 27th November 2014