SWINDON’S successful start to 2016 continues to pick up the pace as Town’s in-form man once again showed why patience is a virtue.

Not since the days of Troy Archibald-Henville has the club shop been earning more on shirt printing - Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill’s impressive run of form continued as he earned Town a point in Yorkshire last Saturday.

After being the odds-on favourite to take the job full-time since Martin Ling resigned, it wasn’t a huge surprise when the club announced Luke Williams as the new manager.

Some believe it’s the cheap and easy option to give the job to someone who’s already at the club, but I consider it more a huge sign of well-earned faith in someone who knows the club, the players and has a growing reputation inside the game.

When it comes to the pattern of assistants making the jump up to the top job, let’s hope Luke Williams turns out to be more of a Bob Paisley than a Sammy Lee.

As the January transfer window comes to an end on Monday, it’ll be interesting to see if Lee Power can pull off any last minute deals to surprise the Town faithful.

The big name everyone wants back at SN1 is Jack Stephens. He would be welcomed in the style of a Galáctico signing at the County Ground, such would be his importance to any potential success this season.

Reuniting him with Jordan Turnbull would not only strengthen our back line but also help Turnbull return to the form we all enjoyed last season, as he’s found life back in Swindon tough without his Saints teammate.

Exeter City striker Tom Nichols has reportedly been a transfer target for Swindon, as Town had a bid turned down.

With Nichols turning down a new deal at the Grecians already this season, I imagine his sights are set on a move to the Championship this summer, but if the chairman returns with a realistic bid before next week, it’ll be interesting to see if he can persuade the young striker to a move to Wiltshire.

Looking at players who could be making a move away, Yaser Kasim has apparently had interest from a couple of Premier League clubs and I predict any bid over £250,000 would be snapped up.

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