IF YOU were around the centre of Swindon last Saturday at around 6pm and you heard a great chorus of whistling, no need to be alarmed - it would have been 6,000 Town fans reciting Elmer Bernstein’s classic, as Swindon pulled off another Great Escape.

Once again, individual mistakes were Town’s undoing. After a promising start, we found ourselves 3-1 down at half-time to a Crewe side almost certain to be playing in League Two next season.

Thankfully, another superb second-half display wrestled the game away from the visitors as Town’s talented duo came to the rescue, Jonathan Obika and Nicky Ajose sparing their team's blushes.

After enduring a poor start to the season, both Obika and Ajose have found their scoring touch and together they have netted 13 goals between them in their last eight games.

As a Town fan, watching a player hit form is a double-edged sword - we all enjoy the goals flying in but know a bid from a Championship club could be just round the corner.

Hopefully, any offers received by the club over the next couple of weeks will be quickly waved away by the chairman.

For the second week in a row, Yaser Kasim has turned on his game and proved he’s back to his best, but it’s hard not to be slightly sceptical towards his performances, due to the timing of his upturn in form.

I want to believe he’s suddenly found his feet again due to a renewed passion for the game or the club, but it’s no secret the Iraqi international wants to move on and he’s playing for a move away.

I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt we will see Yaser in a Town shirt come February 1.

Any hopes of Ben Gladwin returning to Swindon this month until the end of the campaign were quickly dashed on Tuesday as QPR loaned the former Town man to Bristol City.

Opinion on the young midfielder seems to be mixed, but I’m disappointed he won’t be returning, as on his day, he can carry a team over the line himself.

The focus will now be directed at new man Michael Doughty as he takes up the task of filling the gaps left by Gladwin and Louis Thompson.

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