THERE are some conversations in life you will always treasure, either with a loved one, someone you respect or a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with a celebrity.

For me, it was with my grandad, who had an incredible life and would tell my brother and me many stories, including when he lived in Liverpool and would go to Anfield to stand in the Kop in the 1950s.

He was someone who watched the game all his life, but in his last few years, he started to lose interest, saying he loved the game, but hated the business.

Being quite young, these comments would go straight over my head, but now I totally agree with his sentiments.

Last weekend, Liverpool fans demonstrated due to the club increasing some ticket prices. It was a huge statement to make and shows how angry and fed up fans are becoming and how some clubs see fans as customers, like any other business.

Instead of a loyal supporter who’s been coming for many generations, they would rather a tourist bought a ticket, visited the club shop, bought a shirt and some overpriced food to watch the game, and then start that process again with someone else.

I understand, as time goes on, the game has to evolve, but it’s important the people who come and invest understand its roots in this country.

Football clubs all over the country mean everything to thousands of people. They love and care passionately about their team, and it’s imperative they’re not priced out of the game they love.

In this era, it’s even more important for fans to get involved. Thankfully, at Swindon Town, we have a way people can engage with their club.

Trust STFC’s Red Army Fund is trying to raise funds to finally put a roof on the Stratton Bank, set up a Swindon Town museum inside the County Ground and, next month, is aiming to take 5,000 away fans to the Ricoh Area when Town face Coventry City on March 19.

In an age where football seems to be leaving its roots, supporters' trusts are becoming more important to keep the game where it belongs - with the fans.

It’s only £1 to join. Visit to sign up and read about the Trust’s vision.

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