SWINDON treated their fans to another late show last weekend as Nicky Ajose’s 88th-minute winner and 19th goal of the season lifted Town nine points away from the dreaded relegation zone.

With 14 games left in this forgettable season, can the Town faithful start to be confident the club will begin next season in League One?

Injuries of course dictate how a season can pan out, but with this current squad, I think there is no chance Town will flirt with the bottom four again this season.

You may think that’s a bold statement coming from a fan of a club like Swindon Town and a team who found themselves joint bottom in League One earlier in the campaign.

But in Ajose and Jonathan Obika, the club boasts one of the best striking partnerships in League One - the key reason I believe the club will survive.

After watching them both in action in recent months it makes you wish they had a chance to form an understanding earlier in the season. Town certainly wouldn’t be sitting in 15th position.

Since Ajose has played with Obika alongside him, he’s notched an incredible 15 goals in his past 16 games for the club, a record any striker would be proud of.

If he keeps up this level of performance until the end of the season, Lee Power will be inundated with offers for Town’s star man.

Last Saturday the club announced it’s pricing structure for 2016/17 season tickets and for the third year running the prices were frozen - a simple but much-needed gesture to the fans after an overall poor season on the pitch compared to the last campaign.

The standout reduction for season tickets was for young adults, who saw their prices slashed to encourage a new generation to come along and support their local side, a great and vital idea for the future of the club.

As well as Ajose’s impressive performance last Saturday, the club’s newest signing Jamie Sendles-White showed why Town had been tracking him since last summer.

The former trialist hardly put a foot wrong on his debut and looked confident with the ball at his feet, a welcome attribute for a central defender at third tier level.

It’s early days in his career in Wiltshire, but he seems the right fit for Town.

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